E-Commerce Opportunity

What is this E-Commerce Business Opportunity. 


If you are looking for a second income which exceeds your present income in a matter of just 3 years, then this is the Opportunity, you shouldn't miss.  

If you have heard about Network Marketing then this E-Commerce Business Opportunity that I am talking about may probably be mistaken to Network Marketing.  There are lakhs of people who are operating this opportunity on the model of "Network Marketing".  But I have found a new way of doing this business using the Digital Platform.  

I want you to watch the Video from start to end.  I am covering the following FAQs in this Video ? 

  • What is this E-Commerce Business Opportunity without any Investment ?  
  • Should I have to sell / Purchase any Products ? 
  • Which Company's Products should I Sell / Purchase ? 
  • Is this Network Marketing / MLM Concept ? 
  • How do I build my business ?
  • What Computer Skills should I possess to achieve success in this business ? 
  • What is the probable income that I can earn from this business ? 
  • What, if I fail in this business ? 
  • Will I be losing any money ? 
  • What, if I succeed in this business ? 
  • Should I share my profits with you ? 
  • And many more untold questions are answered

Despite Corona effect, my Real Estate Business did not dip.  I did well and got a "Best Performer Award" from Tata Housing.  I have recruited more than 100 Real Estate Agents who are undergoing my Mentorship Programme and other courses that I am offering.    All these achievements are during Corona period.  Visit my website www.vsridharonline.com and go through tens of testimonials from different people who have achieved success through my training and coaching.  

I have a mission to help 10,000 NGOs become Self Sustainable.  Started conducting online Fundraising Workshop for the NGOs and started helping them on how they can become self sustainable by raising funds using the Digital Platform.  Though small numbers, I have still been able to make couple of NGOs raise funds instantly.  Infact with the introduction of NGO WhatsApp Group, all members are sharing funds raised on a daily basis with proof of payment made by the Donors.  A 70 year old respected gentleman by name Arup Sengupta has said, I am his Guru.  Visit https://vsridharonline.com/ngo-casestudy

Go through his 3 minutes Video Testimonial here. 




Now I have added this E-Commerce Business Opportunity.  With over 35 years of Sales & Marketing Experience, I am very confident that I will succeed in this business.   

I would like to be a part of eradicating "Unemployment problem" through this E-Commerce Business Opportunity. 

If you want to associate with me in this business, you just have to take the following action :  

  • Click this Google Form, fill up the details asked for and submit 
  • Once this is done, I will arrange for 1-2-1 Zoom Meeting with you from any of my present Team Member. 
  • In this page you will see one Order Button which will ask for money.  You don't have to pay that.  I will be giving you a Coupon Code and once you enter the same, it will become free. However this will be done, after the 1-2-1 meeting and you make your first purchase for your household requirement.   After submitting the form, you need to whatsapp me on 63668 99996 to get the Coupon Code. 
  • You will then Access the Video Lessons which will teach you how to build this business step by step thereafter.  


Every Tuesday I conduct a Webinar on E-Com Business Opportunity at 8.30 PM.  You can Register for the same to understand the business better.  Click the link below. 









V Sridhar